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Pay Bill

Billing Questions:


623.594.8417, for faster response please email


Pay over the phone: 623.594.8417


To pay your bill please log into your patient portal or use the direct link from your e-statement. 



*NEW* Credit Card On File Available, Mandatory starting 01/01/2024 for patients that have high deductibles. 

There have been a lot of changes in the healthcare industry lately. One of the changes is the large increase in the patient's financial responsibility. We are now requiring a credit card to be held "on file" through a offsite, encrypted payment gateway for all patients whose insurance plan has a deductible and/or co-insurance. This will be in place of mailing statements.

Plans with copays only or patients paying in full at the time of service will not be required to leave a credit card "on file".

See below for documentation regarding this new program:



This will be an advantage to you since you will no longer have to receive statements, write out and mail us checks. It will be an advantage to us as well, since it will greatly decrease the number of statements that we have to generate and send out and reduce the difficulty in following up with patients, allowing us to focus on more important issues, like your care. The combination will benefit everybody in helping to keep the cost of health care administration down.

This new program will in no way compromise your ability to dispute a charge or question your insurance company’s determination of payment.

If you have any questions about this payment method, do not hesitate to ask to speak with an office manager who will be better able to assist you.



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